How to Maximize the Life of Your Wood Flooring

Wood flooring can be a truly beautiful addition to your space, but it can also cost a small fortune to install. This type of flooring adds instant grace and style to any room, and it also adds value to a home and may make it more appealing to a buyer. Because of this, many homeowners rightfully believe that a wood floor is an excellent investment to make.

If you have made the wise decision to install wood floors in one or more of your rooms, you understandably want to maximize the life of your new flooring so that it lasts for decades. In fact, a well-maintained wood floor may last for a century or longer. Understanding the care and maintenance requirements of your new floor can help you to get the most life out of it. For more information, visit Fuse Flooring.

tools-black-gray-circle Regular Cleaning and Everyday Care
As with all types of floors, wood flooring requires regular cleaning to get the dust and debris off of it. Sweeping daily or every other day is generally effective at getting most of the dirt up. Approximately once per week, the floors will need to be cleaned with a special wood cleaner to remove ground in dirt. You can use any cleaner that is rated for wood floors as well as a soft brush or sponge that will not scratch the surface.

tools-black-gray-circle Periodic Refinishing

All types of wood floors will need to be refinished from time to time for maximum longevity of the floor. With your regular cleaning and everyday care of the floor, you can extend the amount of time between refinishing projects. Some floors may need to be refinished every 10 to 20 years. This involves sanding the floor and then applying a fresh coat of stain and sealant to the floor.

Wood flooring has one of the longest life spans of all types of floors, but you can see that special care is required from time to time if you want to maximize its life. Because of how long the floor may last and because of its timeless appeal, there is a good chance that your wood flooring is the last floor that you will install in the home.

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